Augustine by Denison Witmer, a new song and video for Fr. Rene movie

Augustine by Denison Witmer, a new song and video for Fr. Rene movie

Today we're excited to announce the release of Augustine, a new song and music video by recording artist Denison Witmer.

Denison wrote Augustine specifically for our film Where There Is Darkness, and parts of the song are used in some of the film's most poignant moments.

The haunting lyrics tell the story of Fr. Rene and the tragic events that led to the beloved priest's disappearance.

We made this music video for Augustine featuring clips from the movie. Watch it and let us know what you think in the comments box below!


Augustine by Denison Witmer is also available for download and listening on music streaming sites Spotify and Bandcamp.

Please share the video and help spread the word! You can find and share the music video at:



Denison Witmer also served as Music Supervisor for the film!

Denison is a dear friend of Stella Mar Films. He's an incredibly talented indie singer-songwriter whose song Little Flowers was also featured in the most poignant moment of our previous film, Apparition Hill.

Denison’s music is featured throughout Where There is Darkness in both instrumental and choral arrangements. His “peace prayer” song is our favorite rendition of that song we’ve ever heard, and it plays in a very important part of the film. We feel that his song Augustine captures the theme and thoughts of the film perfectly.

If that wasn’t enough, Denison has an acting role in the film: he’s the man in the dream sequence who is murdered by a hammer.

He's also been to Medjugorje with us twice, and once to Assisi, Italy, because of his love for St. Francis. Some of the clips we shot with him in Asissi are featured in the music video.

Learn more about the music in Where There Is Darkness.




With word of mouth quickly spreading about Where There Is Darkness, this is the perfect time to bring this life-changing film to a cinema near you.

We’re being inundated with emails and calls from people all over the USA who want to see the movie in a cinema.

The problem? There aren’t enough showings. And yet hosting a screening only involves a few steps.

So, if you believe in the power of faith-based cinema, and if you want to spread a powerful message of God’s love to those in your community, then please consider bringing Where There is Darkness to your area.

Anyone can host a screening, and make a profit. Hosted screenings are proven fundraisers for charities, ministries and parishes. Or, keep the profits… it’s up to you! Learn more


The award-winning documentary is showing in select hosted screenings and film festivals around the world. Here are some upcoming screenings:

  • March 8: Ocean City, MD
  • March 13: Yorkville, IL
  • March 22/23: Perth, Australia
  • March 23: Charleston, SC
  • March 25: Katy, TX
  • March (TBD): Lake Worth, FL
  • March (TBD): Hagerstown, MD
  • April (TBD): Fort Myers, FL
  • April 11: Saskatoon, Canada
  • April 13: Milwaukee, WI
  • April (TBD): Milledgeville, GA

Click here for details and tickets.

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