Bishop attends Medjugorje apparition

Bishop attends Medjugorje apparition

Stella Mar Films was in Medjugorje to film on May 2, 2018 when the visionary Mirjana experienced her monthly apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Among the crowds gathered near the Blue Cross at the base of Apparition Hill were many priests, including a bishop from Italy as well as a representative from the Vatican.

Watch this video we shot and produced which captures the event in all its beauty.




Here's the May 2, 2018 message in its entirety:

"Dear children, all that my Son, who is the light of love, has done and does, He has done out of love. Also you, my children, when you live in love and love your neighbors, you are doing the will of my Son. Apostles of my love, make yourselves little; open your pure hearts to my Son so that He can work through you. With the help of faith, be filled with love. But, my children, do not forget that the Eucharist is the heart of faith. This is my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. This is a miracle of love: my Son who always comes anew, alive, to bring life back to souls. My children, by living in love you are doing the will of my Son and He lives in you. My children, my motherly desire is for you to always love Him more, because He is calling you with His love. He is giving you love so that you may spread it to all those around you. As a mother, through His love, I am with you to speak the words of love and hope to you - to speak to you the eternal words that are victorious over time and death - so as to call you to be my apostles of love. Thank you."


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