Mirjana sends words of love to Meghan's mother

Mirjana sends words of love to Meghan's mother

Many of you were struck by the video we released last October featuring Meghan Schexnayder Greco, one of the pilgrims we brought to Medjugorje, and her experience during Mirjana's October 2nd apparition.Medjugorje

As you may recall from the video, Meghan had been battling cancer for 7 years. See the video here.

Sadly, Meghan passed away on January 15, 2019

We were devestated by the news, but also incredibly grateful that we got to know her in Medjugorje. We were blessed to have Meghan and her mother with us for the October pilgrimage, along with their parish priest and friends from Louisiana. Meghan's kindness and positive attitude inspired everyone on the trip.

In Meghan's obituary, her family remembered her as "a strong and passionate woman who had an undeniable love for her husband and family, her laugh was contagious and her faith inspired many. She had a love for cooking, traveling, music, art, fashion and spending time with her loved ones and beloved pets."

As we reported before, Meghan and the visionary Mirjana formed a bond throughout the week leading up to October 2nd. On days when Meghan was feeling ill, Mirjana brought meals to Meghan in her room, and Mirjana even gave her a gold rosary bracelet that she had worn during apparitions.

MedjugorjeFinally, in a beautiful gesture of love and compassion, Mirjana asked Meghan to be beside her during the October 2 apparition. Our video includes Meghan's description of the experience. See it here.

This week, when we informed Mirjana about Meghan's passing, she asked us to relay this message to Meghan's mother:

"I loved her so much. Please tell Meghan's mother that I am so very sorry and that my heart is with her. I am crying now, but I know that she is with God. She is with the Blessed Mother. She was suffering so much here, but now she has everything. She is praying for us." ~ Mirjana

MedjugorjeThe day before Meghan passed away, she told her family that she wanted to go back to Medjugorje, a testament to the unforgettable graces she received there, and to her courage and strength.

We certainly would have loved to have Meghan join us again, but if Medjugorje is "Heaven on earth," as many people call it, then we know that Meghan is now in an even more beautiful place. And we look forward to having her mother and parish priest join us on one of our 2019 pilgrimages.

MedjugorjeUPDATE: Click here to watch the full interview with Meghan, which we posted so the world can learn more about her beautiful outlook on life and suffering, and to see how deeply her experiences in Medjugorje resonated with her.

For now, we are consoled by words from Heaven. After the October 2nd apparition, Mirjana had reported that Our Lady gave her a message for the world, and we feel that the final words in the message are especially poignant in relation to Meghan's passing:

"My Son showed you the way and gave you hope, and I am consoling and encouraging you because, my children, I had come to know pain, but I had faith and hope. Now I have the reward of life in the Kingdom of my Son. Therefore, listen to me, have courage and do not grow weary."

Read the full message here.



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